About this blog

This blog is about:

  • Programming, both profesionally and as a way to make life easier
  • How we can make our lives, and the lives of our colleagues easier and more pleasant
  • ADHD struggles as a software engineer and human
  • Dealing with a bunch of animals and a sizeable plot of land we’re trying to rewild

Created and maintained in the spirit of small-blogging. It’s inspired by, and a mishmash of concepts seen on:

About me

I’m a software engineer currently working at @spotify. I mainly do backend development and devops. I have a particular fondness for making the life of other people easier. I like Developer Experience and creating tools. Just don’t make me write css, that makes me cry. The color scheme of this blog should tell you enough.

Outside of being a software engineer, I enjoy: spending time with my partner, pets and friends, cooking, making music, playing video games and reading pulp fantasy/sci-fi.

I always like connecting with other people, so feel free to contact me if you want to chat or reach out.