I have the typical ADHD thing, where I’m very, very good at starting projects, but bad at finishing them. Trying to limit this to one project for each of: professional life, personal projects and home DIY.

  • 2023.18.09 Relaunching this blog
  • 2023.19.09 Install/decorate home office
  • 2023.22.09 Buy a car



A list of things I want to tackle. I had this idea this would be full of technical projects and ideas, but it seems life has decided otherwise.

  • 2023 Freshen up Java skills
  • 2023 Create python script for financial projections
  • 2023 Start compost heap
  • 2023 Build a basic game in Godot
  • 2023 Work on my guitar practice companion
  • 2023 Open-up wall cabinets home office
  • 2023 Build built-in closet in bedroom
  • 2023 Make dog pooping porch
  • 2023 Clean-up garden area in front of shed
  • 2023 Build a dog napping spot under the stairs
  • 2023 Build a dog sleeping space in our dog-room
  • 2024 Choose which heat pump to install in the house
  • 2024 Build a deck
  • 2024 Build a catio
  • 2024 Decide wether to demolish or restore our shed
  • 2024 Build a small stable (alpacas, yay!)
  • 2024 Build a small Machine Learning app
  • 2024 Do the course
  • 2024 Record one song on guitar every week
  • 2024 Create music practice room

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