Yearly Themes

Inspired by CGP Grey’s youtube video on yearly themes and by’s yearly themes page

The year of stability 2023

Finding Stability 2023.09.13

“In order to improve for good, you need to solve problems at the systems level. Fix the inputs and the outputs will fix themselves.” - James Clear

I’ve written this page pretty far into 2023, but I’ve decided that there’s plenty of time left to actually do some stuff, so without further ado.

A lot of things have happened in the past year or two that were pretty impactful:

  • Moved from Sweden to The Netherlands
  • Bought and sold our first house (thanks inflation and covid)
  • Changed jobs
  • Got fired from said job
  • Start another new job
  • Bought and moved to a new house
  • Diagnosed with ADHD (not that it was new information, but still)
  • Got 2 cats and a dog

While my day to day is going pretty okay, I’m very impacted by unexpected things happening. I feel like I could benefit from bringing some stability into my life, as the basis for new themes.

  • Find a new routine that works with the pets and our hobbies
  • Get the house out of the “we just moved” state
  • Train the pets
  • Get a good work set-up
  • Get a good music set-up
  • Get music classes rolling again
  • Think about what I really want to do and achieve
  • Start mindfulness again
  • Start running again

I’ll need to learn about how to best train both cats and dogs, I’ll need to do some handywork and a lot of cleaning. For the work and music set-up, I feel paralyzed by thinking about them, so I’m just going to make a set-up, it’ll be clear what works and what doesn’t.